Is It Time For Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?

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Roof repair

It is typically always going to be a better idea to make small repairs to a roof vs replacing it altogether. Major repairs can be a different story, and the age of the roof must also be taken into consideration. You can definitely have a roofing company take a look at the situation and help you come to the best decision. Yet educating yourself about the average roofing repair and replacement costs ahead of time can also help.

The more you know before you speak with the roofing services company the better. Let’s first take a look at what you can expect in terms of roofing repairs and their associated costs. According to the national average, you can expect to pay right around $800. That might seem rather steep, but remember that the costs can be lower. Also remember that you’re comparing that repair bill to what it would cost for a replacement, which is going to run you into the thousands.

While the repair bill can be lower as mentioned, it can also be higher. For example, the high end for roof repair is typically around $4500. You might have to pick up your jaw after reading that, trust me, I know. But you have to remember that this type of figure is going to be for major roofing repairs. For instance, that could be where a roof needs repaired after a big storm has damaged a large surface area.

On the low end, you can expect roofing repairs to run you as little as $150. That would be nice, but is it likely to happen? No, that is the absolute low end, and your repair bill is more likely to fall into the typical range of $336 to $1260. Seeing that range go on up to over $1k lets you know that perhaps there are times when after getting a quote for repairs, homeowners opt instead of replacement.

Let’s say your roof has a good 3 years of life left, give or take. You get a repair quote for $2k. In that case, you might go ahead and think about just replacing the roof. You might not want to take on the expense at the time, but three years later, you’re going to be paying for roof replacement anyway.

When it comes to roof replacement, costs can of course vary, especially when you start getting into different roofing materials. Are you going to go with architectural shingles? If you make a material decision, your next step is to figure out the square footage of your roof. Once you know that, you can do the math to see about how much you might expect to pay.

Roof replacement isn’t going to be cheap, but it is what it is when you see that it needs to be done. You want to know which is the best option, and so it’s time to dig into the details. You know more about the average repair costs nationwide now, and you can start looking at your options.

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