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Riley Hays Roofing & Construction. LLC

13423 Kanis Rd, Little Rock, AR 72211

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Name: Keith Bracy
Rating: 1
Review: They refused to back up their work, so they lost future business from us. They want us to pay them to fix the product of poor fit and finish from previous work they performed.We hired Riley Hays Roofing & Construction to repair loose shingles on our roof, repair rotted areas around the chimney, seal areas where the chimney had deteriorated, and install a copper cap on the chimney to ensure that animals (namely bats) couldn't get in. This was December of 2021. The work was completed and they were paid in full January 2022.When the work was completed, the chimney cap looked great from the street, however there was a gap between the masonry (the chimney was constructed of stone in 1940) and the bottom of the chimney cap. The gap was only noticeable when standing on my top step looking directly up at the chimney, so I didn't sweat it.In spring of 2023, small brown bats began to roost in the gap created by the installation of the chimney cap. I thought we were done with them, as that was one of the big reasons we installed a screened cap on the chimney in the first place. Bat droppings were falling on my front porch. I really like bats while they're flying around eating bugs, but their droppings on our porch were a potential health hazard. I called and spoke to the receptionist, relayed my concerns, and was informed that the animals would need to be gone before the work could be done. Fine. I called an exterminator that specialized in bats, squirrels, and the like. $1800 was the estimate they gave. I spoke with another exterminator about an estimate, and he (a real good ole boy) told me that he could do the work, but that particular variety of bat would likely leave when it got cold enough. I did my best to keep their droppings swept (usually twice daily) off my porch through summer and fall. The last of the bats left in December 2023.I contacted Riley Hays Roofing in February 2024 when the weather started improving. I have a few loose shingles on my roof that I need repaired, and would like the gap around the chimney closed off so animals couldn't get in. A representative from Riley Hays came out for an estimate on Wednesday 3/6/2024. He was an hour late, and only returned my call after I called the office to see where he was. My wife was having to wait, because we'd scheduled the time so she could be at the house on her lunch break.We received an estimate on Friday 3/8/2024 via email. I phoned the representative to speak with him about it, and told him that I was fine with the estimate for the shingle repair, but didn't feel that it was right for me to pay them again to fix work they'd done previously. That just doesn't seem right to me. The representative went in great detail about the steep pitch of my roof, all that would be involved, etc. I reiterated that I wasn't planning on paying them to fix work they'd already done. He told me that he would speak with the owner of the company about it and that I would receive an updated estimate on Monday.Now it is Thursday 3/14/2024, and after receiving no further contact from Riley Hays Roofing, I (again) initiated contact to follow up. When I received a call back from the representative, he informed me that they wouldn't be doing what would amount to "free labor" to alleviate the situation with my chimney. The previous job had cost us over $3700 that we paid promptly. If I weren't getting ready to pay them for other work on my roof, and they wouldn't be on site working anyway, maybe I could come closer to understanding this. I informed him that his company had lost the current job as well as any future business from me. From the lack of communication throughout the process and lack of willingness to even consider backing their previous work. I don't think this bothers them, so here's my Google review.
Date: a month ago

Name: Pattie O'Connell
Rating: 5
Review: I was looking at my roof this morning. It looks so wonderful. Even my backyard and front yard look great. This was such an easy experience. Sarah and Tyler Kelly are the best. The communication was perfect and they walked us through each step. The adjuster for our insurance company was impressed with Tyler’s professionalism. The crew was great and you could tell they care about their work. Don’t use a gypsy. Just use Riley Hays.
Date: a month ago

Name: Barbara Raney
Rating: 5
Review: I am extremely satisfied with the work Riley Hays Roofing did at my house. Mr. Riley worked me in because I had an "active" leak, the work crew was fantastic, the price was very reasonable and they truly did leave my yard better than they found it. Highly recommend.
Date: a month ago

Name: Steven Franjesevic
Rating: 5
Review: Riley Hays Roofing & Construction replaced my roof after it was damaged in a hail storm. The materials used were made in the USA and came with a decent warranty. Communication throughout the process was top notch and the cost was competitive. Highly recommend! Thank-you! Services: Roof repair for storm & wind damage, Roof installation
Date: a year ago

Name: Rebecca Bailey
Rating: 5
Review: Riley Hayes Roofing did an AMAZING job on our roof and has great customer service!! We got a quote from them before a storm hit and used them immediately after. We used them because their quote was the lowest but I'd pay even more for the red carpet treatment they rolled out for us. They were empathetic with our leaky roof and their team was at our house as promised at 7am 3 business days after I called in a panic. This team worked from 7am to 7pm for 2 and a half days busting it to replace the roof. Nice guys on the job, bringing their lunch and working their tails off. All around, nice and easy process! See photos below for during and after the completion of the roof replacement. Oh, and they replaced our skylight without us even knowing that was going to be included! GREAT experience. Won't ever use another roofing company again!Services: Skylight repair, Roof inspection, Roof repair, Skylight installation, Roof installation
Date: 2 years ago

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About Riley Hays Roofing & Construction. LLC

"Riley Hays Roofing and Construction is a family-owned business. We focus on Residential and Commercial roofing in the Little Rock metroplex. However, we also pride ourselves on home remodeling, gutter replacement, and gutter repair. From full remodels to a small roof repair, no project is too big. We are proud of our High Ratings and strive to keep Honesty and Integrity at the heart of all we do. Our team is committed to maintaining a clutter-free, professional worksite."
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